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The type of Pasteurization(1)

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Based on pasteurization, we find more technology of sterilization, like pasteurization storage technology,pasteurization electrolytic sterilization and so on .

Pasteurization extension

Pasteurization ultra-high temperature sterilization UHT

     With the development of technology, people still use UHT (UHT instant sterilization, higher than 100 ℃, but the heating time is very short, the destruction of nutrients is small) to treat milk. The shelf life of milk treated in this way will be longer. Most of the milk we see in cartons is made in this way.Based on pasteurization, we find more technology of sterilization

Pasteurization storage technology

    In the liquid medium, the biological effect of pulse discharge is used for sterilization, the sterilization equipment is generally composed of two parts: the pulse discharge power supply for energy supply and the sterilization room for direct sterilization of liquid materials. Working principle: when pulse discharge is used for sterilization, put the liquid materials as the dielectric in the two electrode gaps of the sterilization chamber or the two electrode gaps flowing through the sterilization chamber continuously, when the two electrodes are added with a certain intensity and frequency of pulse electric field, a strong biological effect will be produced in the liquid material to kill the bacteria.

Pasteurization electrolytic sterilization

   In the conductive solution, the redox reaction caused by the exchange of electrons at the interface between the electrode and the solution, there are two kinds of reactions of this technique :one is under the action of external electric energy, the other is excited by external light energy, light and thermal energy or other forms of energy without external power supply.

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