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Bagged Water Will Be Popularized Soon

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For a long time, the public has always been concerned about the quality of mineral water, but many people ignore the sanitation of water containers.

For middle&high-end and personalized consumers, bagged water now has a huge market space.


Originated from high-end, bagged water known as “the fifth generation of human drinking water”, it was first used to provide drinking water for NASA astronauts. At present, it has become the mainstream product of drinking water in developed countries.

Quality packaging, the special compound film of food grade is used, which is non-toxic and non-irritating, and does not cause white plastic pollution to the environment; it is pressure-resistant, can withstand extreme pressure, and is not easy to be damaged.

Single-use only, disposable packaging, never filling water many times to breed bacteria, and put an end to the risk of cross-infection caused by repeated use of “barreled water”.

The whole process sealing, the water is completely sealed from the inside of the package to the outlet of the water dispenser, without any contact with the air, effectively isolating harmful gases, and solving the problem of secondary pollution caused by “gas and water replacement” of barreled water from the root.

Freshwater quality, the volume of the water in the bag is moderate, the sealing is good, the shelf life is long, and the drinking cycle is short. Generally, the family can drink it in 2-4 days without worrying about the bacteria exceeding the standard, so as to ensure the fresh and safe water quality.

Convenient packing and replacement, bag water packaging humanization, lightweight, and can be carried by oneself. Water change is convenient, the elderly, children can be independent freely pack.

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