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Labeling Machine Sticker(4)-How Automatic Steam Shrink Labeling Machine Works With PVC Label

The label used in the label sleeving machine is a shrinkage film, which is putting the film on the bottle, then shrink by the steam generator.

The accuracy of the labeling is high, and bottle shape can be improved after shrinkage. Nowadays, many beverages and mineral water are mostly equipped with label sleeving&shrink machine.

According to label, the label sleeving machine can be divided into single head label machine and double heads label machine.

Single Head Auto Shrink Label Sleeving Machine means only one label on bottle body.

automatic labeling sleev machine
Double Head Labeling Machine means bottle body and bottle caps both have label.

automatic shrink labeling machine

According to the drive type, the label sleeving machine can be divided into Single Drive auto shrink label sleeving machine and Double Drive auto shrink labeling machine.

auto sleeve labeling machineSelf -adhesive stick label machine or OPP hot-melt label stick machine or label sleeving&shrink machine, we suggest you combine with comprehensive factors to choose, like local market, bottle shape, bottle material, required speed, machine cost and label cost and so on.At present, more and more people choose OPP hot-melt label stick machine, as it can save a lot of label cost under high-speed and long-term machine running.

Self-adhesive label, its simple style, is deeply loved by customers of plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Label sleeving&shrink machine is loved by the majority of customers due to the rich content on the label.




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