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Look at these “the water noble ” in packaging design field!(4)

What kind of mineral water can be called high-end water? In addition to its good reputation and noble “lineage”, the most important of course is its design.

Here are some high-end mineral water packaging design works. Let’s feel the design concept of these “the water noble”



Alpokaqua mineral water is also a glacier water from Europe, From the packaging design, you can directly feel the cold from the glacier. It use light blue transparent plastic packaging.On the label is a beautiful picture of glaciers, which seems to be integrated with the bottle body.

mountain spring water design
mountain spring water design

At first glance, the packaging of the big bottle seems to be heavy on the head and light on the feet, but in fact, such a design can use the smallest visual space to hold the most water. In addition, a bump texture design is added at the hand grip to prevent the hand from sliding and falling.

spring water design
spring water picture

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