PET Bottle Beer Filling Machine

Carbonated drink filling machine

Bottle filling machine

Liquid filling machine

High Speed/Constant Liquid Level

Semi-electronic filling

Air Cylinder Bottle Lift

High Precise Speed Filling

Speed: 20,000 Bottles Per Hour

More Options: 6,500bph, 12,000bph, 15,000bph

Quality Semi-electronic FIlling Valve

Open and close filling valves by air cylinder. Only 0.02 seconds. No Leak, and keep constant filling level. Very different from mechanical filling valve.

Independent SIEMENS PLC Filling Valve

The Solenoid valve controls the filling valve air cylinder. Fast and precise filling. All all electric parts are from SIEMENS & DANFOSS

Heavy Air Cylinder Bottle Lift

Makes bottles seal with filling valve better than Cam Lift does. Which makes faster filling, and a more constant filling level.

Well Electric Wire Filling Valve Connect

All wires are optical-fiber cables. Ensure the well signal transfer. Open & close the filling valve faster.

30+ Years Manufacturing

10+ Years International Trade.

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