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Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are some of the most delicate products to handle. The type and configuration of the lines depend on the specific customer requirements according to the shelf-life expectations and organization of the downstream distribution chain (whether or not it is possible to guarantee a cold chain). 
Various technologies can be applied, both in terms of thermal treatment of the product, and to guarantee sterility of the container and the cap: this all depends on the type of product to be handled and the distribution needs. 
The characteristics of the container are of great importance in order to preserve the cleanliness, visual appearance, taste, and smell of the product. 
LINHO specializes in supplying complete bottling lines for fresh mink and Ultra Clean lines for ESL milk (with shelf-life of up to 21 days) for PET bottles. 


PET bottle is the most popular containers for milk. Glass bottle also plays an important role.

How to choose a good packing?

1. Proper bottle design for milk to resist internal pressure.
2. Nice Bottle shape and label design to attract consumer.
3. Economic bottle, packing and label material to save cost.
4. A few kinds of bottle size is optional.

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