Bottle Water Filling Production Line

Liquid Filling Machine

Bottle internal washing/ Non-contact constant level filling/ Chain capping

15L-22L different sizes are compatible with one production line

Product Advantage

Why choose us

No bottle No washing

Constant level
No overflow

Various Bottles Compatible


5 gallon

Bottle FIlling Machine Video

A whole bottle water filling machine line video including

de-capper& label remove machine/high pressure inside washing& outside brushing machine/washing, filling, capping machine/labeling machine/bag packing machine


Adhering to the safety design concept, the ergonomic method is adopted. More comfortable and safer operation. Visible quality without fancy language.

Internal lifting washing

Internal lifting washing, blind spot-free washing.

One pump, one washing

No bottle, water pump no running, no washing. All water pumps have separate electrical control systems.

The water washing tank

It is equipped with a manhole, sampling port, temperature measuring port, liquid level pipe, auto dosing, and automatic water replenishment.

Piping & exhaust system

Adopt centralized pipeline drainage to keep the ground dry and clean;

Adopt the exhaust system, reduce pollution, odor, and steam in the clean workshop

Stable & No Overflow

Stable, high speed, high filling accuracy, no leakage, low liquid loss

Constant liquid level, adjustable flow rate, no overflow, steady flow

H14 HEPA filter

100-grade filtration, H14 HEPA filter.

Automatic caps lifting&unscrambling,  automatic caps correction

Global Brand PLC & HMI

Delta, Mistubishi, Siemens, etc.

SCHNEIDER electric parts

Independent control cabinet

Safe distance operation, less failure rate.

More Auxiliary Machine


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